Sunday, October 11, 2009

The Last Play.

Unpublished Works, © 1979, BillyPauleyJr.*

The Last Play.

The football game is close,
Their score’s three, yours is two,
You’re sittin’ on the bench,
And Coach looks over at you,
He gives out a yell,
He calls your name,
He says, “get fired up”,
‘Cos you’re going in the game,
It’s the last play of the game,
And your team has the ball,
You’re going in for guard,
And you’re only five feet tall,
You look across the line,
At the defense guy,
He looks pretty big,
About six foot five,
You try to brace yourself,
Then someone says, “hike it”,
This guy breaks all your bones,
And the coach says, “you like it”,
You grab for him again,
But you miss him by an inch,
He sacks your quarterback,
And the rest of the season you’re sittin’ on the bench.

- WillyToad*

… this is a Smokey the Toad™ production.

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