Sunday, April 11, 2010

The McDonaldland Klan Phase III.

Unpublished Works, © 1980, BillyPauleyJr.*

The McDonaldland Klan Phase III.

The McDonaldland Klan is alive and well,
Altho’ at times it’s hard to tell,
One of the best is Loose, so he comes first,
John’s not the best, but he couldn’t be worse,
We even have nicknames for some of the crew,
Like Bullwinkle, Dooger, and little Munchkin too,
Donny Kidd is the Kidd, pet gopher, or Disco,
And everybody knows that Jerry Meadows is Macho,
Phil’s still in love with Mountain Dew,
Gail still loves Scottie and Sue still loves Sue,
Some new people we hardly know,
Are Tony, Janet E., Tammy, and Deb Rose,
Everyone knows George Lambert ‘cos he’s been here so long,
And everyone knows Janet Tackett ‘cos her voice is so strong,
Tim is still the twin of Tom,
McToad is still the son of Mom,
D.J.’s still in love with Vicki,
Tim Maynard is still one of the sickies,
Tim’s sister, Peggy, I constantly bother,
But if something shows up, Tim, I’m not the father,
Patty Howard still laughs like a clown in heat,
Spiffy’s still short and Pam’s still sweet,
Theresa’s a Payne and Patty’s a Dasher,
Kathy Wheeler’s insane and Jo Risner’s a flasher,
Don Jr. and Riddell fill our nights with laughter,
Joyce Workman and Patricia fill our days with disaster,
George Harrison works here, but she’s not a Beatle,
And Clem is Tweedle Dum without the Tweedle,
Jenny’s a teaser and Sherrill’s a flirt,
Ed is a weirdo and Mike Reed’s a twirp,
Carol and Robert are two that are new,
Debbie Crawford alone is our best grill crew,
We have a Sweet Pea, but not a Popeye,
Gerald’s low and Mikey’s high,
Bonnie’s good, but Jerri Spear is the best,
Oscar needs a wife and Lib needs a rest,
Garrett and Joyce are brother and sister,
Greg Loftus is about as fun as a blister,
That’s a lot of names, but there’s lots more yet,
Like Joyce B., Sylvia, and also Pam S.,
Julie and Deb Clark are working later at night,
Herbie is a love bug and Mary gets by,
Peggy Reffitt is cool and Harold is nice,
Nancy’s still breakfast and Joetta still bites,
Shari is crazy and Denise is herself,
Bev’s no stranger and Berinda’s an elf,
All I’ve seen Marsha do is clean,
And all Catwoman does is lean,
Kathy L. has yet to work in this heaven,
And, o’ yeah, I almost forgot about Kevin,
I’m sure Tom Wolf would agree very fast,
The best is always mentioned last,
And now that I’ve named all the crew,
Let my final words say to you,
That the proof is in the McDonaldland Klan,
Nobody can do it like McDonald’s can.

- WillyToad*

… this is a Smokey the Toad™ production.

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