Thursday, April 29, 2010

Jack Daniels Will Do.

Unpublished Works, © 2006, BillyPauleyJr.*

Jack Daniels Will Do.

Hey, mister bartender,
Take my order please,
I want the woman at the end of the bar,
Lord, she's such a tease,
I'll take her single and straight,
I'm not askin' much from you,
But if you cannot deliver her, then,
Jack Daniels will do,

I came in here lookin',
And she's sure lookin' great,
I refuse to leave here disappointed,
I'm sure to get a date,
I don't know how lonely she is,
Or what she's going thru',
But if she doesn't want me at all, then,
Jack Daniels will do,

I ordered me a whiskey,
Jack, he sure is good,
He's making me the center of attention,
And she's smilin' like I knew she would,
My jokes are sure to impress her,
Like I never knew,
But if she still can turn me down, then,
Jack Daniels will do,

The bar is barely open,
The clock struck two a.m.,
But I still have a fighting chance,
With the competition wearin' thin,
I'm about half wasted,
And about half unglued,
But I don't care if she leaves alone, 'cos,
Jack Daniels will do,

Hey, mister bartender, don't ya know,
Jack Daniels will do.

- WillyToad*

… this is a Smokey the Toad™ production.

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