Saturday, September 5, 2009

A Flower For You.

Unpublished Works, © 2004, BillyPauleyJr.*

A Flower For You.

When you need,
I will be there for you,
With a flower,
And a heart that is true,

I will wait,
I will walk in your land,
I’ll save you,
With a touch of my hand,
O’, I can take all your sadness,
It’s true,
With a flower,
And a smile for you,

When you fear,
I will not let you down,
I will smile,
And bring you around,
I will laugh,
I will make you forget,
You’ll wonder why,
You haven’t kissed me yet,
O’, I can take all your sadness,
It’s true,
With a flower,
And a smile for you,

Yes, I can stop all your sadness too,
With a smile,
And a flower for you.

- WillyToad*

… this is a Smokey the Toad™ production.

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