Sunday, August 9, 2009


Unpublished Works, © 2004, BillyPauleyJr.*


When you were Emily,
I could talk to you,
You could open up,
I could hear you true,
Love was changing me,
Rearranging me,
When you were Emily,

When you were Emily,
I could see your heart,
Grant your every wish,
Fill your sky with stars,
I could feel your need,
Reaching out for me,
When you were Emily,

When you were Emily,
I could hold you so,
Even far away,
I could not let go,
It was beautiful,
Simply dutiful,
When you were Emily,

When you were Emily,
O’, I knew you well,
You could win my heart,
I would never tell,
Deep inside my dream,
You were calling me,
When you were Emily,

When you were Emily,
You were in my soul,
I could feel your smile,
Now I long to know,
Will you ever be,
Like you were to me,
When you were Emily,

What a lovely time,
When your heart was mine,
When you were Emily.

- WillyToad*

… this is a Smokey the Toad™ production.

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