Saturday, May 23, 2009

Pausal Note #1.

How about a break from the mundane me to take in some real world trivia?

Did you know etymology tells us the word "blog" is a 1999 lexicon addition short for Weblog?

Hmmm... I kind of like Weblog better. But then that's mostly 'cos it looks like "we blog"... which we do. :) I say we keep changing back and forth until in 100 years etymologists no longer know which came first! And it all started here on my Weblog! (or blog?)

The word Weblog is dated as joining our lexicon in 1997, but I'm pretty sure Spiderman had a Weblog as far back as 1962... where he kept his cool spidey notes... no???

Break over! Back on your heads!!


  1. This made me laugh. Its a very random, yet informative piece of information!

  2. Good... it served its purpose in life. I felt a little random might help shake it, but not lose it... give without taking. :)

    Thanx for the post... you're awesome! ;p



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